Samsung Galaxy Note II vs Galaxy S III (Video)

I put a poll up there on the Twitters yesterday, asking what you fine folks prefer: quick-and-dirty (but timely) videos, or smooth-and-polished (but delayed) ones. Those who responded were pretty much split right down the middle, so I decided to do what I maybe should’ve done in the first place: I put the question to my boss. And he wanted you folks to see this video as soon as I could shoot it.

Here, then, is fifteen minutes of some of the fiercest, blood-lettin’-est, nastiest head-to-head action in existence, featuring the Samsung Galaxy S III doing battle against the newest phablet on the block, the Galaxy Note II. There ain’t no fancy transitions or angled shots, and there’s no background music; just two smartphones locked in an eternal struggle to figure out who’s got the quickest boot time, page load turnaround, camera launches … and who soaks up the most fingerprints.

Tap your finger on the clicker and stick your eyeballs on the screen right down below to take that in. Stick around to the end to find out what I think about the results, and stay tuned for more Galaxy Note II coverage, leading up to our full review, as the week tumbles onward!



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