Galaxy Nexus Users Reporting Battery Drain?

Some Galaxy Nexus users are reporting noticeable battery drain issues with their new phones. According to a post, the battery drain happens even overnight, when the phone should be asleep and not doing very much processing.

The usual suspects, the screen and the radio, have been hauled into the lineup. It looks like the radio uses a bit more power than previous phones, which could account for it getting better signal and speed — but requiring more power. Additionally, the screen is not only huge, it’s also 720p which means it’s got a lot more pixels to light up than most other phones.

In my testing I noticed that the battery indicator seems to stay “high” for quite a while. Sometimes the first noticeable dip on the status indicator is after 20% of the power has been used up. We’ve seen battery indicator shenanigans before. Ironically, although the top 20% may drop quickly, the bottom 20% can last a very, very long time — surprisingly long.

Yesterday I put my Galaxy Nexus to the test. I used it for Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, phone calls, and moderate web usage. At the end of the day (13 hours on battery), I had 60% left. Then I left it off the charger all night long. This morning, after running through my usual routine, email, news, and calendar, I’m at 36%. So far that’s 22h 45m 53s on battery. Not too shabby!

During this time I’ve been constantly under a WiFi umbrella, so I haven’t had to use HSPA+ at all. This goes way back to one of our previous battery saving tips: use WiFi whenever possible. Add that to reducing the sync-frequencies of everything you use to the maximum amount you’re willing to put up with and you should be able to save quite a bit more power.

The other possible drain we mentioned is the screen. Setting high-contrast apps to use white text on a black background will also help. The screen on the Galaxy Nexus uses virtually no power for displaying black pixels. Ebooks and feed readers will likely benefit your battery most when using these setting.

While the issues outlined in the MoDaCo forum aren’t unfounded — and will likely be addressed in a future OTA update — there are some fairly simple things you can do now to extend your battery life, not only on your Galaxy Nexus, but on your other smartphones as well.

Source: MoDaCo forums

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