The Samsung GT-i9260 has been rumored back in August to be a follow-up of some sort to the GT-i9250, better known as the Google (Samsung-made) Galaxy Nexus. Samsung is no stranger to making follow-ups, either in the I, II, III form (Galaxy S, S II and S III, Galaxy Note, Note II) as well as in the “+” (plus) format (Galaxy S Plus).

Not many details are available in the User Agent Profile about the Samsung GT-i9260 (which can turn out to be a Galaxy Nexus II, Galaxy Nexus Plus or something completely different). The resolution listed is 1280 x 720, pretty much like the current Google flagship, and the processor is “ARM11”, which doesn’t sound right given the model number. (The ARM11 was what powered the HTC Dream and more recently the Nokia 808 PureView.) Could it be an ARM Cortex-A11 (the Galaxy Nexus has a TI dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU)? Initial i9260 rumors were talking about an upgraded 1.5GHz dual-core A9 CPU; if this is indeed the Galaxy Nexus follow-up (and thus the next Google Nexus phone — or one of them if we believe the rumors talking about several Nexus makers) it could very well be a quad-core CPU (it better be, or might as well be a faster dual-core).

Now, if it is indeed an ARM Cortex-A11, it might very well be an upgrade, the only questions is “how big of an upgrade will it be?”

Also, we might as well be facing just a placeholder SoC denomination which will later be replaced, as we’ve seen cases in the past.

Couple the SoC with two gigs or RAM and you’ve got a solid Nexus phone. What do you think? The Galaxy Nexus is turning one-year-old soon (next month) and, while we’re already got our share of new Android versions and Nexus devices (with Jelly Bean and Nexus 7) this year, Google will probably not neglect its phone line-up.

Update 1: There is some confusion whether the “CPU” in the Profile is an ARM11 or an ARM Cortex-A11. We’ve updated the article to speculate as to which of the two we think the Profile is referring.

Update 2: We found one more potential phone name to consider, the “Galaxy Premier”.

Joe “The Android Guy” Levi and Stephen Schenck contributed to this article.

Thanks: Zymo

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