Even as we get down-to-the-wire, Verizon is remaining tight-lipped about the launch plans for the LTE-enabled Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Sure, Verizon’s been mentioning the phone more and more lately, but with nothing specific to say about a release date. After the hope of a November release was dashed, we started hearing rumors about one in early December. While December 8 was looking likely, the latest rumor we’ve heard slides it back to December 9. If that’s to turn out being true, we’d expect to see Verizon retail locations starting to get their ducks in a row for the launch. Sure enough, some shipments of the LTE Galaxy Nexus have been spotted arriving at Verizon stores.

If you watched our HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus unboxing video, you’ll spot a few changes present for the LTE version, most notably the use of Verizon Red throughout the packaging. We can also see the manual with the Verizon LTE insignia and Verizon branding on the temporary screen protector, so we’re almost assuredly looking at the real thing here.

If we’re really looking at a launch by the end of this week, Verizon could be expected to announce its plans any day now; we’re keeping an ear to the situation and will update you as soon as there’s something definite.

gnex vzw box2

Source: XDA-Developers forum

Via: Android Police

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