Back in late May, we caught wind of curious goings-on happening over at the Bluetooth SIG. While it’s no oddity to see devices get their Bluetooth certification published as they prepare for launch, last month we looked at a brand new certification just filed for the Nexus 7. While there’s no good reason for the SIG to be doing that, as far as what info was publicly available, it all might make sense if this was somehow tied to the upcoming release of Android 4.3, which could bring the platform new Bluetooth functionality (4.0 LE mode, to be specific). We’ve yet to see that happen (despite wondering if Google might swoop-in to steal some attention from Apple today), but now all that Bluetooth weirdness is happening again for another Nexus model, this time the Galaxy Nexus.

The Galaxy Nexus GSM version (model GT-I9250) got its new Bluetooth SIG thumbs-up on June 6. If our little theory about Android 4.3 holds true, this could spell good news for GNex owners who were wondering if they might get left behind, like what happened to the Nexus S with the release of Android 4.2.

We’ll admit – we might be totally off about this – but it’s just all so weird for these Nexus models to be doing this that we have to wonder if something interesting is just about to happen. Could we get that 4.3 announcement before the month’s out?

Source: Bluetooth SIG
Via: Android Spin

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