Samsung sure seems to be working on a smartwatch. There have been patent filings outlying just such a device, an in-development Samsung smartwatch has appeared in international import/export databases, and a trademark’s been filed for the name Galaxy Gear. Considering all that, the question’s been less about whether or not a smartwatch was coming at all, and more about just when Samsung might hope to launch it. We’ve already talked about the idea that the Galaxy Gear might be on the agenda for Samsung’s September 4 IFA event (same day as Sony’s), and today a new report asserts that our hung was right, and the smartwatch will debut then.

While SamMobile claims that it’s now able to confirm plans to introduce the Galaxy Gear on September 4, it doesn’t provide any evidence, nor explain how it came by this info. That’s not an ideal situation, but we understand how sometimes you can’t even hint at how news arrived, for fear of burning a source. Considering the site’s track record, we’re leaning towards giving it the benefit of the doubt.

If what’s been hinted at in patents ends up playing out, the Galaxy Gear might be one of the first uses of that flexible OLED screen tech Samsung seems to have been working on since the dawn of time.

Source: SamMobile

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