Rumors about a new Samsung smartwatch have really been heating up these past couple weeks, with all eyes now looking for the manufacturer to launch this so-called Galaxy Gear at its September 4 IFA event. We recently took a little time to look at the latest batch of rumors concerning the watch’s hardware, and today we expand on that by getting some other rumors about wireless connectivity all sorted out.

A report on the Galaxy Gear from Bloomberg last week described a number of the watch’s features, including the ability to make phone calls. That marked the start of a wave of speculation about the watch having its own cellular radio – like we’ve been discussing for a rumored Microsoft smartwatch. Now The Verge has heard from its own sources that this won’t be the case, explaining that Galaxy Gear is designed to work alongside an existing smartphone. So, no SIM card, or anything, but expect the standard WiFi and Bluetooth.

Really, that makes a whole lot of sense, especially considering all the potential headaches from issues like battery life. Still, rumors about the Gear’s hardware sure made it sounds as capable as a full-fledged smartphone, so the idea wasn’t wholly without merit.

Source: The Verge

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