AT&T Samsung Galaxy Fold shipping June 13? Not likely

Samsung recently confirmed it was postponing launch events for the Galaxy Fold, and, according to some reports, it is also recalling review samples, because of the issues with the screen. The Korean company will use this time to run further tests and make sure users are getting the proper $2,000 experience, and not a cracked or flickering screen.

What Samsung didn’t announce was the date on which pre-orders will start shipping, and on which the phone will eventually become available. It was supposed to be this week, but that has been delayed, so AT&T is now sending out emails to customers telling them that June 13 is when their Galaxy Fold will ship.

While the emails and the screenshots are legit, chances are that the June 13 date is just a placeholder. With Samsung making no official announcement, and AT&T not commenting on the emails as The Verge reports, you shouldn’t get your hopes too high even if you’ve placed your order.


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