Samsung: Galaxy Fold delays won’t affect Galaxy Note10 launch

Whether you believe Samsung’s executive saying that the Galaxy Fold is “ready to hit the market” or not is totally up to you, but the fact remains that after the initial delay, the company didn’t make any dates public for the foldable’s availability. Of course Samsung wants the Galaxy Fold in the headlines, hence the reports and statements for various officials, but the device is still not available for purchase two months after its planned launch date.

The Galaxy Note 10 will have its own timeline for its debut in August, regardless of the Galaxy Fold’s launch schedule. The company keeps the same stance about the Galaxy Fold’s schedule — Samsung official

Aside from lending more credence to the rumor according to which the Galaxy Note10 will indeed be announced at the beginning of August, the executive didn’t really reveal anything about the Galaxy Fold.

Reports had the foldable’s re-launch date for late July, which led to the possibility of the Note10 being slightly postponed. There were also rumors that the two will share the stage when the time comes but, as of today, things appear to be more certain for the Note10 than they are for the Galaxy Fold.

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