Samsung’s Galaxy Camera is definitely one of the most unusual Androids we’ve heard announced this year. While it looks the part of a normal point-and-shoot digital camera, the big 4.8-inch display around back is wired-up to a quad-core SoC running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. With a 16-megapixel sensor and big 21x zoom lens, it should give even Nokia’s PureView 808 a run for its money in the imaging department. Today AT&T announced plans to sell the camera in the coming weeks, which has us wondering what the carrier might be thinking in terms of data plans.

Right now, AT&T’s got stand-alone tablet plans at $15 for 250MB, $30 for 1GB, and $50 for 5GB. High as those rates may seem, they’re clearly what people are willing to pay for cellular connectivity on their tablets. AT&T has yet to mention any plans specifically tailored for the Galaxy Camera, but we wonder if it might have to come up with some cheaper alternatives.

After all, it’s hard to imagine the Galaxy Camera replacing an existing smartphone or tablet, and even with its full-featured Android build, we imagine most of its use is going to involve editing photos, sharing them over social media, or uploading them to the cloud. Especially when users take full advantage of that 16-megapixel sensor, that’s a recipe for a whole lot of data.

When you consume data on your tablet, though, it’s largely about downloading, and you get to more directly and immediately enjoy the fruits of that spent data, whether we’re talking about web page viewing or watching streaming video. The Galaxy Camera threatens to make data consumption into a far more utilitarian pursuit, and users electing to take advantage of cloud storage could easily burn through several hundred megabytes without thinking twice.

We haven’t seen any signs that AT&T might be thinking about some newly-tweaked data plans for devices like the Galaxy Camera, but we’ve really got to wonder if the public will respond favorably to connected devices like this with full-on tablet data prices.

Source: AT&T

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