Some mobile devices really do end up with preposterously short lifespans. For manufacturers like Sony, where it makes a point of getting out its new Xperia Z models as quickly as possible, we expect such things, but other times we’re taken by surprise. A few years back, we saw the Motorola Droid 4 land just seven months after the Droid 3, or more recently the iPad 3 was replaced by the iPad 4 after a similar seventh months on the market. Samsung launched its metallic Galaxy Alpha back in August, and it was only a few months before we saw it spawn the Galaxy A3 and A5. But now to hear a new rumor, as the A5 gets ready to spread to new markets, the Alpha may already be on its way out to pasture, as Samsung shifts focus to these newer A-series models, instead.

Rumors suggest that South Korea could get the Galaxy A5 towards the latter half of January, if not sometime in early February. Right around the same time, Samsung would supposedly stop ordering new components for the Galaxy Alpha, and once it finishes using up the hardware it has on hand, would retire the smartphone – that could happen by the end of February.

The A5 is hardly the Alpha’s equivalent – they hit different spec targets, with the Alpha being the better-equipped (but more expensive) option. If true, an end for Alpha production could indicate a shift within Samsung to focus on more budget-priced market segments.

While this is an interesting theory, not everyone’s accepting it as a certainty, and other Samsung sources claim that no decision has been made about the Galaxy Alpha just yet.

Source: ETNews
Via: Android Central

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