Update: Due to today’s difficulties with Hangouts, the below Hangouts video is not the ideal recording of today’s Weekly episode. Instead, we highly recommend the Libsyn-hosted version, edited by our own Jules Wang and available for streaming and download at the links below. Thanks for listening!

One of the nice things about hosting your own podcast is that you get to decide exactly what qualifies as “news.” Not in the mood to pretend the latest wave of iPhone 6 display-glass leaks fit the description? Well, tweak the filter a little, and suddenly you’ve got just a small handful of concentrated “real” tech news – and a lot more room for the fun stuff.

This week’s fun stuff comes in the form of our Gadgets in Hand segment –which gives you the opportunity to ask us questions about the latest devices in our review labs– and Listener Mail, which today features observations on BlackBerry’s saving grace, tablet-and-smartphone juggling acts across Apple and Android, and all the tiny little ways manufacturers screw up gadget launches.

Thankfully, the news section itself isn’t totally barren either. On today’s lineup: some insight into the lost Microsoft tablet, a look at what could be Samsung’s first metal-made Galaxy S, weird news about an NFC tattoo we’re really excited to review, and a nice juicy photo dump featuring the sequel to every tech blogger’s secret favorite smartphone.

If that’s the kind of talk that deploys your antenna, then the Pocketnow Weekly is the podcast for you. Join us live on the air today at 2pm Eastern (click here for your own local time) for Pocketnow Weekly 106, and shoot your questions to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com if you just can’t bear to wait for the Q&A. See you then!


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July 25, 2014



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Amazon Fire Phone, HTC One E8, and Martian Notifier in the house: submit your Q&As!

AT&T LG G3 unboxing

OnePlus One invite giveaway 2 of 2: we have a winner!

Wrap Up: how well does the #SurfaceBalance?

A week with the Surface Pro 3




moto x1 leak

Microsoft acknowledges aborted Surface Mini launch

Samsung Galaxy Alpha shows off its metal trim

Motorola wants you to unlock your phone with an NFC tattoo

Latest Moto X+1 leak is looking pretty convincing


Gadgets in Hand


fire phone unboxing

HTC E8 hands on

Martian Notifier Review 2

You’ve got questions; we’ve got gadgets. On this week’s installment, we take your queries concerning the Amazon Fire Phone, HTC One E8, and Martian Notifier smartwatch. If you’re watching the podcast live at 2pm Eastern, use the Q&A feature in Google Hangouts to submit your burning questions, and we’ll do our best to answer them live on the air!


Listener Mail


blackberry q10

E-mailed submissions from Sahen Rai, Matt Lawrence, and Paul R.




It may just sound like a ringtone to you, but our transition music track (“Radiation”) is a real song, from a real album, by a real artist: Ali Spagnola. You can download that album, along with many others, at Ali’s website here, visit her YouTube page here, and follow her on Twitter here!

Thanks for tuning in! See you next week!


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