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Samsung Galaxy A90 coming with notchless Infinity screen

By Anton D. Nagy March 21, 2019, 2:00 pm

There were several devices we have been anticipating to see from Samsung as part of its April 10 event. Three, to be more specific, as the teaser implies. With the Galaxy S10 line-up and the Galaxy Fold already official, our attention went towards some Galaxy A devices, but the Galaxy A40 and Galaxy A20 became official recently in Europe.

This leaves us with the rumored Galaxy A90, a device reportedly designed by the Chinese Samsung team, one that has a pop-up, and rev0lving 48MP camera of some sort. Truth is, currently, smartphone makers have only a couple of ways to achieve a truly full-screen smartphone, and the notch, punch hole, and the pop-up camera are the ways to do it.

Spotted by GalaxyClub.nl, a Samsung page mentions the Galaxy A90, with its “notchless Infinity screen”. The wording mentions it is only available on the Galaxy A90. While it is no confirmation on what to expect, it surely plays along the lines of the current rumors we’ve been hearing about the Galaxy A90, and its pop-up camera, a first for Samsung, if it ever happens. We’ll have to wait until April 10 to see it, or until leaks shed more light on the matter.

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