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Galaxy A8 (2018) may come to US with Snapdragon processor

By Jules Wang February 2, 2018, 5:37 pm

A list of codenames for unreleased Samsung smartphones has been revealed and we now have some ideas as to what phones the US should expect to see soon.

The data was actually a subset from a document detailing which smartphones have received the Android Oreo update as found by XDA-Developers. Some of these codenames have been speculated to refer to certain upcoming releases based off of prior codenames and surrounding information.

Here’s the full list as provided by XDA:


  • astrarqlte (Galaxy S9 Active with Qualcomm processor)
  • c10lte (Galaxy C10)
  • c10plte (Galaxy C10+)
  • crown (Galaxy Note 9)
  • degasy18wifi
  • grandppirislte
  • star (Galaxy S9)
  • star2 (Galaxy S9+)


  • gtaxlad
  • gta2xl (Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2018)
  • gtesy18lte (Galaxy Tab E 2018)
  • gts4lite (Galaxy Tab S4)
  • j2y18lte (Galaxy J2 2018)
  • j3neolte (Galaxy J3 Neo)
  • j3topelte


  • j4lte (Galaxy J4)
  • j6lte (Galaxy J6)
  • j7topelte
  • j7 toplte
  • j8lte (Galaxy J8)
  • jackpotqlte (Qualcomm Galaxy A8 2018)
  • jackpot2qlte (Qualcomm Galaxy A8+ 2018)
  • lugelte


Samsung has already released Exynos versions of the Galaxy A8 (2018) and Galaxy A8+ (2018), denoted previously as jackpotlte and jackpot2lte. Those with the house-made chipsets typically avoid the US market, so it’ll be interesting to see the new Galaxy A8 devices with Snapdragon units.

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