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Galaxy A5, A7 may get reformatted to Galaxy A8, A8+ (2018)

By Jules Wang December 5, 2017, 2:29 pm

Designation for Samsung’s near-top-end Galaxy A devices could move from a series of odd numbers to match the flagship Galaxy S-series’ notation.

Documents from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group indicate that Samsung has submitted what we’ve been calling the Galaxy A5 (2018), internally codenamed the SM-A530, will go to market as the Galaxy A8, to match the Galaxy S8.

While there aren’t documents saying so, there’s a hunch that the more advanced Galaxy A7 model will move to the Galaxy A8+ (2018) name. Both devices have been tracked with Infinity Displays, respectable specifications and a mention on Samsung Korea’s site, though the phones are not official just yet.

Interesting, there were even-numbered Galaxy A models in 2016 such as the Galaxy A8 (2016), but that naming scheme might have little to do with what Samsung’s marketing plan might be this year.

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