After just recently announcing the Galaxy M series of smartphones in India, and, following the same pattern, Samsung is preparing to launch a trio of Galaxy A phones in the same market. The Galaxy A10, Galaxy A20, and Galaxy A30 will soon be joining the Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20 (picture above), according to a recent report citing unnamed sources.

All three phones will reportedly sport AMOLED displays, in contrast to the M-series, which features TFT screens. While the battery size is unknown, the report suggests that none of the three Galaxy A models will have a battery larger than 4,000mAh, unlike the M-series.

At INR 8,490 (around $120), the Galaxy A10 should be affordable enough to compete with other budget offerings from manufacturers like Xiaomi, or other Chinese OEMs. End of Q1/beginning of Q2 is when the report suggests the Galaxy A10, Galaxy A20, and Galaxy A30 will go on sale. This will leave plenty of room for the newly announced Galaxy M-series to make some waves.

Samsung will target the A-series of phones to the offline segment (brick and mortar stores, carriers, etc.); by contrast, the Galaxy M is more of an “online” phone, available via Amazon and Samsung’s own store.

While specs are not officially known, benchmark results hint towards an Exynos 7885 octa-core processor, 2-, 3-, and 4GB of RAM for the A10, A20, and A30, respectively, as well as One UI on top of Android 9 Pie as the OS.

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