Samsung’s found such success combining the idea of a larger-screened smartphones and a packed-in stylus, that it’s little surprise the manufacturer’s peers have been eager to get some of that action for themselves. That’s led to plenty of Note-ish devices, like the one LG introduced a few months back, the G4 Stylus/G Stylo (above – with the name varying dependent on region). But before we saw the G4 Stylus emerge, we wondered if LG might be planning an even more direct Galaxy Note imitator, having heard about efforts to trademark the name G4 Note in LG’s native South Korea. Today we’re back to wondering just what LG has planned for this device, as a new G4 Note trademark application shows up, this time here in the States.

g4-note-logoWhile we only had that name before, this new trademark application arrives with a little G4 Note logo, making us even more curious if LG intends to actually release this phone, and this isn’t simply a matter of filling a trademark as a just-in-case, rainy-day type situation.

As for the hardware, we don’t have a ton to go on at the moment, but earlier leaked pics suggest a build that’s largely similar to the G4 Stylus – so similar, in fact, that we might have been led to believe they were the same device. But with these continuing efforts to trademark the G4 Note name, we’re not convinced we’ve necessarily seen the phone that will ultimately emerge as this model – the real G4 Note may still be out there.

Will this G4 Note be LG’s fall flagship? We’ve long wondered what would happen to the old LG G Pro lineup, and the G4 Note could well be the spiritual successor there. The phone showing up at IFA may be a long shot, but there’s the possibility we may be hearing more about this guy in the weeks and months to come.

Source: USPTO
Via: Phandroid

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