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LG G3 vs LG G3 Cat.6: newer, but not much better (Video)

By Taylor Martin August 12, 2014, 10:56 am

We’ve taken more than one look at the LG G3 so far. Michael reviewed the original South Korean version, to which I completely corroborated shortly thereafter. Then I received a U.S. variant, the AT&T model for review. That went live last week.

However, about halfway through July, LG announced a newer, slightly upgraded variant of the G3, called the G3 Cat.6. It comes with the newer Snapdragon 805 SoC with advanced data speed capabilities. The Cat.6, as the name suggests, is capable of hitting theoretical download speeds upwards of 225Mbps.

So what’s the true difference? Do they look or feel any different? And is the Snapdragon 805 a notable upgrade over the 801 found in the original G3? Watch the G3 vs G3 Cat.6 comparison below to find out for yourself!

g3 vs g3 cat.6

Finally, we want to thank 28mobile.com for lending us the LG G3 Cat.6 for review. Check out 28mobile.com or click here to buy one for yourself!

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