LG applies for trademarks on G3 Lite, G3 Beat, and more

Trademark applications are often a good indicator of what a company wants to name its upcoming products, and LG has just submitted applications for a handful of names. Most of these this time around (unlike last time) actually do make sense — we’re seeing familiar faces like the G3 Beat and G3 Vista, among other ones which are a bit more curious.

Let’s go over G3 Beat first. This is allegedly the name for the Chinese “mini” G3, so it’s natural that the OEM would want to trademark the name for safekeeping. This phone will probably be a mid-ranger, with specs such as a 5-inch 720p display and 2GB of RAM.

Next up: G3 Lite. This sounds to us like what a G3 Mini would be, though this smartphone hasn’t yet been in the rumor mill. The next name, however, is a bit more familiar — the G3 Vista. We’ve had no lack of rumors of an LG G Vista landing on Verizon Wireless, so this “Vista” name doesn’t surprise us in the last.

Finally, there’s LG G3 Vigor. We know absolutely nothing about it, so we’ll just leave that out there so you can tell us your theories in the comments section below.

Source: USPTO
Via: PhoneArena

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