With the LG G Flex preparing its United States debut, you had better believe that the unusual curved smartphone is about to start getting a lot more attention. Apparently, though, not all of it will be good, as we’re hearing about a problem that’s been plaguing the phone’s display, wherein small raised bumps appear on its surface.

Some reports suggest that the bumps are there right from the factory, but more  have noted their appearance following forceful bending of handset – but what’s certain is that they exist. LG is aware of these occurrences, and is specifically telling people not to bend their phones on a lark. In a statement, the company notes:

Please don’t try to use frequent, excessive force on the device or the screen. The reason we’ve made the G Flex screen elastic is to protect the device from damage from sudden impacts such as being sat on or laid down on.

LG claims that any such bumps will ultimately dissipate in time, and we suppose we have to be a little flexible (no pun intended) with our expectations from new technology, but that doesn’t make this seem any less like a partially flawed component.

When evaluating the G Flex ourselves, we noticed these bumps appear after a good bending, but also observed what LG said – that they go away on their own.

Would the threat of tiny screen bumps change your mind any about picking up a G Flex of your own?

Source: The Korea Times
Via: Android and Me

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