Despite the somewhat unexpected success of the first BlackBerry smartphone openly manufactured and marketed by TCL, the Chinese multinational electronics company is absolutely not giving up on Alcatel-branded mobile devices either.

Quite on the contrary, if we were to believe Evan Blass over on Twitter, which we do, with at least six new Alcatels apparently planned for 2018 releases. Grouped in three categories, these seem to be aiming for a more coherent naming strategy than so far this year, even though it wouldn’t make a lot of sense for the Alcatel 5 to follow the Idol 5 and Idol 5s.

Previously rendered in a family portrait that made design details fairly difficult to pinpoint, the 5, 3V, 3x, 3, 3c and 1x are today ev-leaked separately in much better quality. We can take a closer look now at the minuscule “chin” and comparatively huge “forehead” of the flagship Alcatel 5, as well as the eye-catching glossy finish of the mid-range 3V and 3x’s backplates.

The no doubt entry-level Alcatel 1x is the only one of the six Android models to lack a fingerprint reader, while the other five all feature rear-mounted biometric sensors.

You can see dual cameras on the back of the Alcatel 3V and 3x, but surprisingly not on the presumably high-end 5. Unfortunately, specs and features that can’t be identified from these press-friendly renders remain under wraps. Then again, something tells us we just have to wait a couple of months or so for the first official announcements of 2018 Alcatel smartphones.

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