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Fujitsu Dual-Screen Concept Phone Shown Off

By Anton D. Nagy October 5, 2010, 3:14 am

TAT (The Astonishing Tribe), widely known for their breakthrough work on mobile device interfaces, were showing off a dual screen concept on their YouTube page back in June but it looks like it took less then four months for a manufacturer to build a device based on that concept.

Japanese manufacturer Fujitsu has created and shown off at the ongoing CEATEC their dual screen concept with TAT involvement sporting two 960 x 480 resolution touch screen displays running a custom software where one could display the Browser and E-mail messages on both displays but Engadget, who got a hands on with the device, were more pleasantly surprised by the ability to do cool photo sharing. To achieve that, one has to move a certain picture from the gallery residing on the bottom display to the Contact list being displayed on the top display.

Check out a short video of their hands-on with the concept device:

Check out the original concept video below:

With technology evolving at the rate it does, we wouldn’t be surprised to see such devices become trends for the (not so distant) future. The concept has been proven to work, the technology certainly exists, even more Microsoft obtained a pattent for their idea of folding, dual-screen smartphones with displays that can separate and operate independently one from each other. Do you think the market is in need for such devices? Do you need a dual display device in your everyday’s life? What would be the battery life?

(Via: Engadget and TAT)

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