This year we saw the arrival of some of the thinnest smartphones ever. At some point, we’ll reach some very-difficult-to-overcome physical limitations, but for the time being, manufacturers continue to carve our phones down thinner and thinner. We’re not quite there yet, but one upcoming model is seriously flirting with breaking the quarter-inch barrier.

Fujitsu’s Arrows F-07D has a 1.4GHz Snapdragon, a four-inch FWVGA screen with Gorilla Glass, and a five megapixel camera, but perhaps most importantly, it measures-in at a scant 6.7 millimeters thick. Like many recent phones reaching for the “thinnest” crown, the F-07D cheats a bit by getting thicker in places, but it still tops-out at only 8.5 millimeters, thin enough to get some attention even if the phone was that thick all across.

The F-07D popped-in at the FCC, but don’t expect this svelte model to arrive in the US in the near future; it should launch in Japan next year, and the FCC didn’t certify its radios for anything other than Bluetooth operation. Even if we don’t get to try out this particular model, we’re excited about the progress it shows, and we fully expect to see new handsets from other manufacturers also arrive next year to challenge the F-07D’s throne.

fuj arrows thin2

Source: FCC

Via: phoneArena

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