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Fuchsia OS finally available for the 3-year old Nest Hub

By Prakhar Khanna May 25, 2021, 6:14 am

It has been years since we first heard about the existence of Google’s Fuchsia OS. At that point in time, the OS was rumored to replace Android at some point. As we heard more about the developments of Fuchsia, it became clearer that this isn’t an Android replacement but it will be made to work on a variety of devices including smart home stuff as well as Chromebooks. Now, Google is taking a huge leap forward in the development of Fuchsia OS with its public release. The OS is now rolling out to a 3-year old Google device.

According to 9To5Google, Google is rolling out an update to its first-generation Nest Hub, first released in 2018. It is rolling out Fuchsia OS to the first-gen Nest Hub. It is said that the update will not change any of the functionality of the Nest Hub.


For the unaware, the Nest Hub ran the Linux-based “Cast OS” up until now. With the update, it will run Fuchsia OS under the hood. If you are wondering about the end-user experience, let us tell you that your experience with the Nest Hub should be essentially identical as Google’s smart display experience is built with Flutter, which is designed to consistently bring apps to multiple platforms.

The Fuchsia OS update for the Nest Hub will roll out over the coming months. It is starting to be made available for those in the Preview Program. It will eventually become more broadly available. It is likely that you won’t even notice the change since the interface and experience will remain unchanged. However, this is a big step for Google’s Fuchsia. This release marks the company’s biggest public step toward Fuchsia being an operating system that can be used by an average user. However, the future plans of the rollout to more devices remain unknown.


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