It’s been just about three months now since we first got word of Microsoft’s intention to purchase Nokia’s devices and services division, setting the framework for Microsoft becoming your one-stop-shop for all things Windows Phone, hardware AND software. While we’ve been talking about this merger like it’s an inevitability, the deal still hasn’t fully gone through, and we’ve been following the progress it’s made. Recently, that’s included steps like Nokia’s shareholders approving the deal, and a report claiming that the EU intends to unconditionally green-light the arrangement. Today, we get one step even closer, with the US government weighing in on the matter.

In spite of past clashes with US authorities over antitrust law, this acquisition looks like it’s going forward unabated, as both the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission have given their blessings for the deal.

Assuming that EU rumor is on the money, it shouldn’t be long now before Microsoft and Nokia have the final approvals they need, and can start restructuring. Exactly how that will work, we still can’t say, but no matter what the specifics, it’s shaping up to be a very interesting 2014 for Windows Phone.

Source: FTC (PDF)
Via: The Verge

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