Fruit Ninja VR out now for HTC Vive, coming soon to Oculus Rift

While it may feel like it’s been around since the beginning of time, the always entertaining, straightforward as they come and often quite addictive Fruit Ninja mobile game has only debuted on iOS and Android back in 2010.

Of course, six years would have been plenty of time for Australia-based developers Halfbrick Studios to heavily modify and radically improve the arcade title, but why mess with perfection? Instead, the simple as ever game is set to become even more entertaining and immersive, launching on the HTC Vive headset today.

Normally priced at $15, which is over seven times as expensive as the mobile version, Fruit Ninja VR can be had for the moment from the Steam store at 20 percent off, i.e. a still extravagant $12. Worse yet, it’s only available in “Early Access” mode until October, meaning it’s not 100 percent polished and bug-free.

Nonetheless, it looks like loads of fun, with Classic, Arcade and Zen gameplay offered already, dual wielding capabilities (double the blades, double the fun), and all the watermelons, bananas, apples and strawberries you can slice and dice sans hitting bombs. Just be careful to not hurt yourselves, IRL or VR, and expect an Oculus Rift fall expansion.

Sources: Fruit Ninja, Steam

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