Some Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL owners have had quite the time trying to maintain a connection to a wireless network, only to then fail and see their device reboot all of a sudden. The initial report was logged on October 22 in the Pixel User Community and it took some understanding to realize that the reboots happened while the phone was either on Wi-Fi or LTE.

In the past week and a half, one Nader Babbili was able to find that the problem did not happen on a 3G connection and that the problem, at least on LTE, was traced to a local signal amplifier.

“[E]ither the phone doesn’t know how to work wth a boosted signal or the booster doesn’t know how to work with Pixel,” Babbili said.

A separately ticketed problem on the Google Issue Tracker also had concerned random reboots. Bug reports showed plenty of connection address jumping on the device prior to those reboot events and it’s led Android Police to conjecture that the device’s overactive modem could be panicking the kernel leading to a protective reboot.

Orrin Hancock, one of Google’s community managers, said that the issue will be fixed in an over-the-air update. Unit exchanges are also being honored for those who have requested them. This is just one of many issues chipping at the Pixel 2 and while Google is working to fix a lot of them, there’s always just one more to get.

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