There are several options for setting up video chats on a smartphone now, but if you want something cross-platform that supports more than two parties per call, you’ll be checking out Fring. The app introduced four-way video chat in an update this past April. A new version of its Android release, available as of today, makes several changes, including support for some new phones.

Fring now lets you make video calls with the Samsung Galaxy S II and Droid Charge, T-Mobile’s G2X from LG, and the Nexus S when running last month’s Android 2.3.4 release. Even if your smartphone already supported Fring, now there’s a chance that more of your friends will be able to get in on the video chat action with you, and isn’t that the point of four-way calling like Fring offers?

Besides new device support, there are assorted, non-specific changes to the app. Those include bugfixes, some “quality improvement”, and what the developer claims are clearer-sounding voice calls (after all, the app isn’t video-only). The new build of Fring is available for download now, free as always, with the option to buy call credits for calling outside the app’s network.

Source: Android Market

Via: Android Central

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