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Remember the OnePlus 8 Pro and its many display issues? Well, it appears that the latest ‘Pro’ flagship from OnePlus has some troubles of its own – one of which is overheating. Multiple OnePlus 9 Pro buyers have been reporting overheating issues, and it is unclear if it has something to do with a software bug, faulty battery, SoC-related problems, thermal hardware inefficiency, or something else entirely.

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There is a whole thread on the official OnePlus forum where users have documented heating issues with their OnePlus phone. In particular, many users have reported that the phone shows an overheating warning when they’re using the camera app, especially while recording 4K videos at a high frame rate. And when the overheating warning pops up, the system automatically blocks certain functionalities. For example, the camera app won’t let you click photos when the phone is running hot.

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But that’s not all. I just looked up on Twitter and came across at least ten tweets where miffed OnePlus 9 Pro owners have complained about the overheating issue on their new phone. In some cases, the overheating problem was also accompanied by a rapid battery drain, which suggests that these two issues might be connected. For a few users, the phone temperature shot up even while sitting idle. And for one tech journalist from India, the Battery Care app installed on the OnePlus 9 Pro shows a faulty battery inside.

oneplus 9 pro heating

A quick look at the product listing on Amazon India also narrates a similar story. Multiple buyers have left bad reviews, especially after experiencing overheating and battery drain issues with their OnePlus 9 Pro. The heating woes are unfortunate, especially considering the fact that OnePlus has talked and advertised extensively about the upgraded heat management hardware inside the OnePlus 9 Pro. The company is yet to acknowledge what is causing the latest OnePlus flagship to get toasty, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear about it.

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