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FREETEL Musashi & Kiwami: hands-on and US-bound (Video)

By Stephen Schenck February 23, 2016, 12:37 pm

Mobile World Congress is positively an international smorgasbord of hardware from all around the globe, giving us an opportunity to check out some handsets that might not typically be part of our beat. Just the other day we had the chance to learn about one of the latest smartphones from Japanese manufacturer FREETEL, and now we’re swinging by the company booth to not only check out the new REI, but also recent models like the Kiwami and Musashi. Just what to all these devices bring to the table? Let’s take a look.

We’ve still got a soft spot in our hearts for clamshell phones, and it tickles us ever so much to see some modern smartphone hardware tucked into this throwback form factor. Maybe the most interesting bit about FREETEL’s Musashi flip-phone is that may not find itself restrained to Asian markets, and we could even see this guy make it to the States sometime next quarter.

The Kiwami and REI may both sport more conventional designs, but that doesn’t stop them from being attractive high- and mid-rangers, respectively – and with some pretty solid prices. Take the Kiwami with its six-inch quad HD panel, while still selling for under $400.

This is just a taste of FREETEL’s offerings, and we can’t wait to spend some more time going in-depth with some of this hardware, but watch on for our initial impressions:

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