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FreedomPop goes long-term with new plans in battle with Mint SIM

By Jules Wang August 22, 2017, 1:22 pm

Leave behind the unlimited nastiness for a second. In what looks to be a bid to compete with Ultra Mobile’s Mint SIM, prepaid carrier FreedomPop has announced that it is providing 6-month and 12-month mobile service plans for an upfront, wholesale rate.

Digital Trends reports that the network, which relies on AT&T and Sprint backbones, is offering three packages to consumers that will cost way less than even the typical prepaid monthly rate. The star plan costs $50 for a whole year’s of service and gives customers up to 1,000 minutes, 1,000 SMS (no word on MMS) and 1GB of LTE-speed data per month. Better yet, a year’s worth of service can be free if you buy either an LG Tribute at $80 or a Galaxy S5 at $150.

There are also two 6-month plans that remove the limits on voice and text: $78 per term will get you 2GB of data month while $114 bumps it up to 5GB. All of these plans have monthly rates below $20.

The company said that selling these packages means ensuring no credit checks for a year’s worth of guaranteed service, but it does indicate that it will rely on the sale of extra features — like VPN, more numbers — and overage fees to make up profit on these very lean plans. But they should be able to appeal to the “third of smartphone owners in the U.S.” that don’t even use up the 1,024 megabytes they’re given.

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