For better or worse, OnePlus certainly has a knack for marketing gimmicks which make the company that “never settles” stick with you long after a silly April Fools’ prank taken too seriously, a VR-set smartphone launch event, or arguably distasteful “Smash the Past” contest.

The latest eccentric publicity stunt will not only see the OnePlus 3 unveiled in VR… sometime soon, but actually made available in a space station called The Loop, where prospective buyers will go and order the new “flagship killer” via their virtual reality headsets.

Don’t own one yet and refuse to settle for a cheap, “disposable” Google Cardboard unit? If you hurry, you might be able to get the very first VR device manufactured by OnePlus for free (shipping costs applicable). There are just 30,000 Loop VR copies that you’ll need to fight for, as currently, the OEM’s website is predictably flooded with requests from around the world.

As a passive fan of virtual reality technology thus far, this writer’s been trying to score himself a gratis OnePlus Loop VR for half an hour now, but processing errors made the mission impossible to complete. Hopefully, inventory will last a little while longer, though there are clearly no guarantees.

Mind you, the OnePlus Loop VR greatly resembles the $100 Samsung Gear VR, tipping the scales at 366 grams with “robust materials” in tow, adjustable straps, snug inner-padding, 100-degree field of view, orthoscopic lenses, and compatibility for “most” 5 to 6-inch smartphones.

As for the “world’s first global shopping experience in VR”, OnePlus remains tight-lipped regarding dates, merely promising “visitors to The Loop will be able to order the OnePlus 3 before anyone else, in VR.” So, basically, a fancy new invitation system to kick things off. Cool stuff… for folks that can get in.

Update: As suspected, it didn’t take long for the 30K VR headsets to go out of stock. But maybe they’ll return someday, even if not for free. And no, my order was never processed. Sad panda here.

Source: OnePlus Forums

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