Motorola’s got a brand new smartphone out, having introduced its second-gen Moto E just three weeks back. At $150 for the LTE version and just $120 for the 3G edition, the new Moto E is already one incredibly affordable handset. Heck, it’s so cheap, you could argue that Motorola’s practically giving them away. As it so happens, the manufacturer is interested in doing just that, and today introduces a new promotion that seeks to hook customers up with a free Moto E.

All you have to do to score your free Moto E is to order a new Moto X – specifically, an off-contract Pure Edition (one that starts at just about $500). Then you dress up your Moto X the way you like it, choose your storage capacity and other options, and before you check out you’ll be able to add a free Moto E to your cart.

The only minor downside here is that the free Moto E is the new 3G edition and not the slightly pricier LTE model, but we’re not about to look this gift horse in the mouth. The deal runs though next Tuesday morning, so you’ve got a solid week to take advantage of the offer.

What would you do with a free Moto E? Give it to a friend – or maybe a first phone for a smartphone-wary grandpa? Keep it as a backup handset? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Motorola
Via: Stefan Constantine

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