Phone manufacturers, retailers, and carriers alike realize that they exist within a highly competitive market, and that often means going the extra mile to secure a customer’s sale. Just like we saw with Samsung and the Galaxy S7, launching with all manner of BOGO deals and free Gear VR headsets, now LG’s up to the same sort of action as its G5 gets ready to hit retail. We already told you about a few of those offers, like selling the G5 alongside an extra battery, its Cam Plus add-on, or a free gift card, but it turns out that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Now we’re hearing US carriers start to reveal their own G5 promo deals, and T-Mobile’s got a heck of a deal for new G5 owners, hooking them up with a free LG 360 CAM.

LG’s dual-sensor 360 CAM debuted alongside the G5 back at MWC, using a pair of 13MP cameras and wide-angle lenses to capture an all-the-way-around view of the world surrounding it. LG’s already picked up approval for using the 360 CAM to add new footage straight to Google Maps Street View, and the camera’s designed to support 360-degree YouTube video, as well. To snag your free 360 CAM, you’ll need to get your G5 at T-Mobile by April 5.

T-Mobile’s not just giving shoppers a free 360 CAM, and new G5 customers will also pick up that battery bundle: a spare battery ready to swap into the phone when you need it, as well as an external charging cradle to ensure that backup’s fully topped off.

The carrier’s $630 pricing is a bit higher than we’ve seen from the likes of Sprint and Best Buy, but it’s still more affordable than the Galaxy S7. And when you factor in the $200 value of the 360 CAM and the $80 battery bundle, that doesn’t look like too bad a deal at all. Orders open on March 29, with in-store availability following on April 1.

Source: T-Mobile

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