Mountain biker suffers third degree burns in freak iPhone 6 accident

Instances of mobile devices unexpectedly catching fire while charging or even randomly exploding without an obvious cause are pretty much as old as time, frequently threatening to tarnish the build quality reputation of everyone from Apple to Samsung, LG and, most recently, Xiaomi.

But the latest such incident reported in Australia has to be one of the oddest in the history of freak accidents, at least if we believe the account of 36-year-old management consultant/amateur mountain bike rider Gareth Clear.

Born and raised in Great Britain but relocated in Australia a few years ago, Clear claims to have fallen off his stationary bike while riding around the Manly Dam in New South Wales down under. The fall, although described as “very minor” and “tiny” by its only witness and protagonist, resulted in an ugly and excruciatingly painful injury when our hero’s iPhone 6 flared up.

iPhone 6 explosion third degree burns

The explosion was apparently so brutal that the iDevice somehow burned through both the thick biking shorts and the Skins underneath them, sticking to Clear’s leg at a temperature of “more than 100 degrees”, and melting three full layers of actual skin, ultimately causing third-degree burns that required emergency medical assistance and a graft.

The completely destroyed iPhone and Gareth Clear’s mutilated leg paint a pretty gruesome picture of why you probably shouldn’t carry your technology around in your back pocket when there’s a risk of even a “tiny” fall. Whether the unit in question was faulty or it simply hit a hard rock or something remains unclear.

Source: Daily Mail
Via: Phonearena

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