Canadian startup Frank. is reeling in after the crowdfunding campaign for its $180 smartphone was closed by Indiegogo this week for an unknown Terms of Use violation.

In a newsletter to its community — which you can read in full at the source link below this story — the company said that it wasn’t expecting to be closed and did hint that it had used some marketing that misrepresented what the phone was (a Chinese ODM Android device).

Let’s be frank: our team made a mistake in our choice of language and design presentation, leading to misconceptions and serious consequences that we tried to rectify by cleaning up our campaign and in interviews with the media. But we didn’t do enough.

Frank Technologies believes that its campaign was terminated “without fair notice” and is looking into legal options against Indiegogo, which offered incentives to pull the campaign away from Kickstarter.

The company has decided to move forward by launching its smartphone on an online store of some form. Anyone can apply at this point to receive a discount on it, whether they were a campaign backer or not, when the phone goes live — whenever that is has yet to be determined.

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