There might be as many as four new LG smartwatches on the horizon, plus LG Watch Pay

Back when intelligent wearable devices were deemed the mobile industry’s “next big thing”, LG jumped at the chance of commercially releasing the world’s first Android Wear timepiece. But the rectangular G Watch wasn’t very warmly received by skeptical consumers, so the Korean OEM quickly switched to a circular design.

Only the stylish G Watch R and even more premium-looking Watch Urbane also failed to gain mainstream traction, with the second-gen Urbane completely dropping the ball by means of indefinite delays, surprise comebacks, and a premature silent cancellation.

Like most other Android Wear product manufacturers, LG is now waiting for Google to finally update the platform to version 2.0, exploring many different options of breathing life into the stagnant market. At least four options, it seems, dubbed LG Watch Style, Watch Force, Pro, and Sole.

Of course, just because these names are registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll all see daylight in the near future. Or any of the four, in fact, or in the distant future.

But the plan is likely to launch a new Android Wear device in H1 2017 in multiple derivations, similar to the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Classic. Oh, and something called LG Watch Pay has also been trademarked on the old continent, suggesting that NFC and MST-based rival for Samsung Pay and Apple Pay could be headed for LG wearables in addition to G-series phones.

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