Lenovo may have made Motorola lean, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t confusing to look at. The mobile phne company has been teased to continue its Moto G line for a full-on seventh generation, but the offerings will be mor convoluted than ever.

Leaks reporter Evan Blass reported that in addition to normal, “Play” and “Plus” variants, a fourth one will be added.

We don’t know how much “Power” plays into certain aspects of this new mod of the Moto G7, but we do have a sense of what design cues it might take. MySmartPrice has obtained 3D CAD renders through Steve Hemmerstoffer of OnLeaks purporting to show the Moto G7’s appearance.

Major changes from the Moto G6 include the introduction of a “teardrop” style notch into the display area, a wider cut-out for the rear-facing cameras and what could be a rear-facing fingerprint sensor. The headphone jack remains on the slab, a glossy, glassy, tapered rectangle that hasn’t been modified since… well, the Galaxy S6 days.

Things may change between now and whenever the Moto G7 series launches in 2019. For more pictures and a full video, hit the source link below this story.

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