Go out shopping for a new smartphone today, and while you’ll have plenty of brands to choose from, a number of major software platforms, and no shortage of decisions to make when it comes to materials, design, and color, if you want a real premium, top-of-the-line device, chances are you’ll be stuck with a larger phone. Apple still has its 4.7-inch model, sure, but over on Android you’ll be hard-pressed to find a flagship device coming in under 5.0 inches. To hear manufacturers, they’re only responding to consumer demands, and the reason so many phones seem so big these days is because that’s what shoppers want. But now a new survey suggests there are more than a few users who yearn for the return to the days of smaller phones, and would love to see more options in the four-inch space.

To be fair, this survey is a bit iPhone-centric, and the 1,077 shoppers in the US who were asked about their smartphone-size preferences were only given the options of 4.0, 4.7, and 5.5 inches, or an all-encompassing “other.”

That said, while 58.4 percent of those surveyed like the 4.7- and 5.5-inch sizes of current-gen iPhones, a solid 20 percent said they’d prefer a 4.0-inch model. Of those 21.2 percent who chose “other,” we can’t know if they wanted something larger or smaller, but we’d wager at least a few of them were craving devices in the mid-four-inch range.

Does this mean that manufacturers have it wrong, and there really is substantial demand for smaller phones? Or is the issue more complicated than that, and while shoppers might want smaller phones, they’re just not willing to pay the kind of large-phone prices manufacturers would want to ask?

Source: Apple Insider

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