Mixpanel‘s latest tracking survey shows that a healthy contingent of iPhone users don’t want to make an upgrade that will strain their hands. After publicized cases of “texting thumb” making the news and in a stark face-off against the growing trend of the growing phone, data says more than 37 percent of iPhone toters have a device dating back to at least 2013.


The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were the last four-inch mobile devices we got from Cupertino before the stretch to a 4.7 inch minimum. The former had the most share at 18 percent of all iPhones while the latter registered nearly 5.5 percent. The iPhone 5 scored about 7.7 percent.

We don’t know how much user sentiment is behind the new iPhone 5se/6c/7c and whether we’ll see a huge tide of conversion come springtime, but keep this in mind: since the debut of the latest generation iPhones, active iPhone 5s ownership¬†is on its fastest decline since its peak back in September 2014.

Yes, we know, that was when the original iPhone 6 generation debuted.

Source: Mixpanel
Via: PhoneArena

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