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Four Android Live Wallpapers Extracted from LG Optimus 2X

By Legacy January 30, 2011, 5:18 pm

Watching what XDA does to new devices is like witnessing a car getting stripped and placed on concrete blocks in a bad part of town. They really don’t move on until they’ve extracted every last usable bit. In this case, they’ve been dissecting the dual-core processor equipped LG Optimus 2X. We already hooked you up with a clock/weather widget, standard wallpapers, and ringtones from the device; well, now it’s time for some Live Wallpapers.

Ghost99k, from XDA, pulled four Live Wallpapers for use on other Android 2.2 (or higher) handsets. One of them simply animates with falling snow, while the other three are more involved. For example, there’s one that lets you pop bubbles and change background colors by interacting with the screen. Another one empowers you with the ability to launch fireworks, which could come in handy for certain holidays or festivals. My favorite of the bunch lets you create droplets of water that streak down a window. Check out some screenshots of all four and then head to XDA-developers to download their respective APK files.

Source: XDA-developers (1),(2)

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