Fossil, the well-known and respected American designer and manufacturer of traditional watches, jewelry and fashion accessories, is betting big on intelligent wearables all of a sudden, recently purchasing the up-and-coming Misfit activity tracker specialist, and taking the wraps off a homebrewed Q range of smart bracelets and smartwatches.

At CES 2016, the Android Wear-powered Fossil Q Founder and much “dumber” Q Grant timepiece get a little brother, dubbed Q54 Pilot and obviously inspired by the classic Pilot 54 chronograph stainless steel watch, as well as “vintage aviation.”

Once again, novelty and retro, stylish looks are blended together rather intriguingly, though the lack of an actual touchscreen to show notifications, run even the simplest apps or enable music controls may put off a good deal of prospective buyers.

On the plus side, the Fossil Q54 Pilot does track “everything from steps to calories”, pushing stats and goals to Android handhelds and iPhones, also picking up “filtered LED color-coded” and buzz alerts from “your favorite contacts, apps, or keywords.”

Speaking of, all new and old Q family members now support notifications from an additional 17 apps, including Misfit (duh), PayPal, and Tinder, with enhanced activity reporting, three different vibration patterns, and four extra languages beefing up the Fossil Q app capabilities.

Back to the not-so-smart Q54 Pilot smartwatch, we should mention it features Intel guts, just like its siblings, and will go on sale in early spring for $175 – $215, depending on strap colors and materials. Lastly, the Q Dreamer bracelet “collection” is to receive two “sophisticated” new styles in late spring, tortoiseshell and shimmer horn, priced at $145 apiece.

Source: PR Newswire

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