It was all the way back in October that Fossil first introduced its new family of wearable devices, including a number of fitness trackers, notification watches, and even the full-featured Android Wear-running Q Founder smartwatch. Despite those devices already offering users a wide assortment of form and functionality options, Fossil’s not done yet, and today revealed a fleet of seven new wearables, including two new Android Wear models.

We’re looking at the Q Marshal (above, left) and Q Wander (above, right) smartwatches, which both come in smaller than the existing Q Founder. We’ve seen some conflicting information about just how much smaller, though, with one report mentioning both new models shipping in shoppers’ choice of 44mm or 46mm case sizes, while another suggests the Q Wander will be the sole 44mm option, while the Q Marshal will come in at 46mm.

Functionally, these two should be largely similar to the Q Founder, with the same circular, always-on display. We can expect some small improvements here and there, like the watches shipping with a redesigned, sleeker charging adapter.

We don’t know a ton about pricing and release plans just yet, other than that both the Q Marshal and Q Wander will arrive sometime later this year and will sell starting at $275 – the same price we first heard attached to the Q Founder. Just how far up from there things might go remains to be seen.

Source: Mashable, The Verge

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