OG Fossil, Casio and Tag Heuer smartwatches are the first to get Android Wear 2.0… for real

Seeing as how Android Wear 1.x-powered devices aren’t that different in terms of processors, RAM, display resolution and hardware in general, there was definitely reason to hope software fragmentation wouldn’t become a major concern for smartwatch users already.

But as it turns out, a few OG wearables you might have expected to qualify for AW 2.0 updates will unfortunately be left behind, while others fully capable of running the new OS are kept waiting a frustratingly long time.

That sure sounds familiar, although we’re happy to report today at least the Fossil Q Founder, Casio Smart Outdoor Watch and Tag Heuer Connected are “starting to get” OTA goodies, which “should roll out to all users by 4th April.”

Wait, so there’s still no official love headed for the original Huawei Watch? Also, wasn’t Fossil’s entire Q lineup supposed to receive Google Assistant support and everything else a couple of weeks back? Oh, well, either way, this is definitely (slow) progress we’re looking at, and today’s three over-the-air Android Wear 2.0 updates are confirmed by a Mountain View employee and official forum community manager.

Remember, Fossil’s working on (literally) dozens of smartwatches based on software version 2.0, with a second-gen Casio Smart Outdoor Watch and Tag Heuer Connected also right around the corner. It makes perfect sense then for the manufacturer trio to tie up loose ends ASAP. Your move, Huawei and LG.

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