Former CEO John Sculley believes the Apple Watch is beautiful, but lacks utility

We already know what current Apple CEO Tim Cook thinks of the “iWatch”, its sales results so far, and potential to be viewed as an “overnight success” in a few years, when people realize they can’t live without it.

Of course, he pretty much has to say those things, regardless of his personal view on quite possibly the most divisive product in the company’s recent past. Meanwhile, Steve Wozniak, one of Apple’s co-founders and a pioneer of the 1970s PC revolution, initially condemned the wearable for taking the former tech innovator into the “jewelry market”, ultimately backtracking on his remarks, and stressing he loves his own personal iOS-connected “jewel.”

A similarly diplomatic path was chosen by another prominent figure of Cupertino’s history in a discussion about the Apple Watch the other day, though ex-CEO John Sculley made it clear off the bat he doesn’t feel he needs to have the iPhone accessory “at this point in time.”

The main reason is its “lack of utility”, and outer beauty unfortunately isn’t enough to offset that big flaw. Questioned about the direction in which he believes the device should be taken to repeal this skepticism, Sculley identified an upgrade long speculated to be the highlight of the upcoming sequel, as well as one rarely tackled in the rumor mill.

The former is, as you’d expect, the reduction of the smartwatch’s iPhone reliance, whereas the latter would see a future generation take advantage of the “incredible excitement over smart messaging.” In other words, the perfect Apple Watch has to be able to count steps on its own, and blend IM services with intelligent user assistance.

The recent founder of Obi Worldphone and investor in several high-tech start-ups remains a hardcore Apple fan, using iPhones and Macbooks as daily drivers, adoring his iPad Pro, and fully trusting the “iWatch’s” failings will be solved in time. But right now, he may have hit the nail on the head regarding the product’s mainstream box-office struggles.

Source: The Street
Via: MacRumors

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