This year’s Moto X takes all the customization options we loved from last year’s model and only improves upon them, adding tantalizing new choices like leather backs to the mix. As you may have seen in our review (or just listening to us gush about the phone on the Pocketnow Weekly podcast), we found ourselves big fans of that Horween leather option, a world of improvement over the fake leather texture offered by handsets like some of Samsung’s models. Today we learn of a new leather selection being added to the Moto Maker, with the debut of the Moto X in football leather.

Horween’s the official supplier of leather for NFL footballs, so this isn’t just some football look-alike. From all those grippy little bumps to the telltale reddish-brown shade, it really does look like someone cut open a football and stitched it to the back of their Moto X. We’ve already seen sport-themed Moto X options in the past, like those college team colors that arrived back in March, but this one really takes the cake.

Really, there’s just one problem with the football leather Moto X: it appears to be a Verizon exclusive. We don’t know if that’s a limited situation on one that will persist, but that’s the way it is for now. Verizon’s already displaying the new option on its Moto X page, while the Moto Maker describes it as “coming soon.” Either way, if you manage to pick this one up, do try and avoid the temptation to toss your football leather Moto X around on the front yard at Thanksgiving.

Source: Motorola, Verizon
Via: Android and Me

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