‘Clam-type’ foldable Samsung smartphones expected to begin ‘small production’ in Q4

It’s hard enough to know who to trust when dealing with seemingly unsubstantiated gossip on unreleased smartphones in normal circumstances, but there’s clearly nothing “normal” about Samsung’s prospectively trailblazing foldable prototypes.

A tale as old as time, the “Galaxy X” commercial debut has been pushed back quarter after quarter and year after year, due to immature technology, various production difficulties and anxiety regarding the actual public interest and eagerness to spend a fortune on early bendy devices.

The thing is now everyone from LG to Apple and even Microsoft has plans to tackle the fledgling flexible phone/tablet market, so Samsung must decide soon if it’s willing to take a risk in order to rightfully get dibs.

A private MWC 2017 demo of a mystery advanced pre-release pliable unit may contribute to the decision, with the newest tentative plan reportedly calling for a “small production” start late this year ahead of an H2 2018 “clam-type” mass production blastoff.

Alas, Samsung still needs to “overcome a number of technical issues”, including the manufacturing and reliability of a key component. A PI (polyimide)-based plastic cover, to be specific, which isn’t expected to pass safety tests until the first half of next year, at best. Bottom line, it feels safe to assume another postponement is just around the corner. Your move there, LG.

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