Believe it or not, even after a catastrophic Note 7 quality control failure, with swift and far-reaching negative financial implications, as well as probable S8 setbacks, Samsung reportedly still sees 2017 as the breakthrough year for both (near-) bezelless and completely foldable smartphone designs. Not to mention the chaebol remains in running for the mobile industry’s largest high-end processor and OLED screen manufacturing contracts.

At a first glance, it looks like Samsung might be biting off more than it can chew, which is why another rumored Galaxy X delay wouldn’t exactly take us by surprise right about now. The long-in-development flexible phone/tablet hybrid however moves one step closer to materialization today for a change, as analysts expect as many as 10 million such groundbreaking devices to enter production every month from Q3 or Q4 2017.

A limited commercial launch could therefore go down in select Samsung-devoted markets during next year’s latter half, alongside the smaller-scale 1 million per month release effort of arch-rival LG in the same novel niche.

What’s truly intriguing and practically unheard of thus far is Apple and Google’s speculated 2018 involvement in the foldable smartphone market, though we’re extremely light on details when it comes to those two.

That’s not what we can say about the Samsung Galaxy X, aka Project Valley, which may have just shown us its true colors and innovative flexibility. Get a load of this snazzy, bendy, fairly tall slab of silicon patented over in Korea, possibly sporting a 7-inch OLED display you can fold in half to easily carry around and handle the hardest drops. Fingers crossed the scintillating prototype indeed comes to pass next year.

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