Foldable Samsung phone could pack big curved battery, screen production starting soon

Samsung has been experimenting with various types of foldable smartphones and tablets (and everything in between) for the better part of a decade, presumably holding off on any sort of an official announcement until achieving a radical (and practical) enough design.

The day may soon come to welcome a potentially revolutionary Galaxy X, which is rumored to not only sport a flexible OLED panel, but a curved battery as well. That’s obviously a massive technological challenge, which Samsung is reportedly very close to overcoming.

Just four short years after pulling off a modest 210mAh flexible cell design, the chaebol’s Samsung SDI subsidiary is inching closer to the production of such super-advanced batteries sized 3000mAh and larger.

It could soon be possible to squeeze a curved cell as hefty as 6000mAh inside a commercial foldable device, which would obviously help with the whole tablet-transforming concept.

But the key aspects of the first Galaxy X design are still undecided, with the latest theory calling for a display folded only about two thirds in to properly work in both modes. That way, you wouldn’t need to unfold the device just to check the time or other basic notifications.

The newest Korean media report detailing the possible execution also claims “pilot” OLED screen production will begin this summer ahead of a total million unit 2019 manufacturing plan. That is, after the design will be finalized, and if everything goes smoothly.

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