Apple foldable iPad? No, just an easily bendable iPad Pro

A new video from JerryRigEverything (embedded below) puts the new iPad Pro to the ultimate abuse test. It is not going to be an easy video to watch if you don’t like destroying tech. But, it’s all for educational purposes, so the new iPad Pro, and the Apple pencil, are subjected to scratch test, fire test, and the usual bend test.

The tablet doesn’t do well with the scratch test neither on the aluminum, nor the claimed sapphire glass protecting the camera. As you will see, the anodization is easy to scratch off, and the camera lenses are also easily destroyed.

The most interesting, and hurtful, part though is the actual bend test. The video shows off how easy and effortless it is to bend the iPad Pro in half. No, this sadly is not some new technology Apple invented, and we’re not looking at a foldable iPad. It will fold once, though… You will of course not do this to your iPad Pro, but after seeing this video you’ll probably double check for risks of sitting on it. Check it out below!

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